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Competition BBQ Smokers at a home-owner friendly price.

About WhiteWater BBQ

Locally owned and operated and located on the WhiteWater river in Harrison Ohio, WhiteWaterBBQSmokers strives for 100% customer satisfaction by offering the best products around.

We build competition grade BBQ smokers and grills at a home owner friendly price. Although our base models are on display , feel free to ask questions about any mods or customizations that you would like to personalize your new smoker. We are very flexible in adding features to suit the needs of our customers.

The goal of whitewaterbbqsmokers.com is to provide a simple and convenient location for you to learn as much about us as possible without the need of many clicks or much digging.


We have a varity of smokers built from 12 gauge steel and fabricated with solid welds. We use a reverse flow style to channel heat and smoke under a reverse flow plate, across the cooking chamber, and out of the stack. We feel like this is the most effecient way to bbq, and we pride our smokers in being within 3 degrees from side to side. Our reverse flow plates are not welded so they can be adjusted for better temp control.

Each smoker features a removable reverse flow plate, optional coal rack, removable cooking grate, and optional heavy duty access door opposite of the fire box. These are not standard features on our competitors smokers!

(Measurements in cookng chamber size without fire box)

28" Smoker: ($875) Our baby smoker. This is great for a few chickens and some steak.

36" Smoker: ($1050) If you need a little more room than the baby smoker, or you're only cooking for your family and some friends, then this size is a good choice.

42" Smoker: ($1200) Probably the favorite size of our customers, this smoker isn't too big for your deck, but holds a lot of food.

48" Smoker: ($1400) Cooking for large groups? This smoker will feed a large party.

54" Smoker: ($1850) Also dubbed "The Pig Cooker", this big guy is perfect for a 200lb hog.

60" Smoker:($2050) Newly added to our line-up is the 60" model.

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Our grills come in the two standard sizes as listed below. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Both sizes are also fitted with a heavy duty access door, removable coal rack, and removable cooking grate.

28" Grill ($450) Features a 28" cooking chamber. Crafted from 14ga steel.

36" Grill ($550) Features a 36" cooking chamber. Crafted from 12ga steel.

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We'd like to hear from you! Please contact us about any feedback you would like to provide. Remember, we're here to make you happy with a good product.

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